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June hike: Donglin to Taihu Lake

In the scorching summer, the family members of the stars, with a burning heart, participated in the group building activity organized by the company -- "June hike to Donglin to cross Taihu Lake", and actively practiced the company's core values, "respect heaven and love, unity of knowledge and practice".


Our appointment time is 7:30, everyone arrived at the assembly point early. The beauties in the management department are responsible for roll call, grouping, distribution of drinking water, vest and other materials. After grouping, we began to walk orderly to the destination. Along the way, the beautiful scenery, open fields, clear green water, and fragrant grass flavor made our mood more excited, "Donglin ferry", we are coming!

After arriving at the destination, we first made a small game of "transposition introduction" to introduce each other. Some partners were introverted and nervous, so we gave applause to encourage him to speak. Some partners were very humorous and introduced themselves in a few minutes, which made everyone giggle Soon, we broke the boundary of "strangeness" and became more familiar with each other. We are a loving family!

Let's move on to today's theme action - "picking up trash.". We quickly divided into groups of six, each with a pair of garbage tongs and four garbage bags, and began to walk slowly around the lawn, picking up garbage along the way. Every member of the family of the stars is not afraid of hardship, dirty or tired. They publicize our faith with their actions and strengthen the consciousness of "protecting the environment, starting from me". Wherever you go, it's like an orange wind, which is particularly striking in summer.

"What you throw down is rubbish, what I pick up is virtue". Environmental protection activities let us experience the evils of throwing rubbish and it is not easy to pick up rubbish. Whenever we pick up a piece of garbage around us, even if it is a cigarette butt, our hearts feel joy and satisfaction!

Sharing: each group sent a representative to actively share their own experience, tacit understanding of group cooperation, and new discoveries.

"Dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress" is our spirit. This environmental protection action, let us enjoy the selfless gift of nature. The most beautiful thing in the world is free. Fresh air, brilliant scenery, we should cherish the gift of nature, care for the beautiful environment, at this moment, the unity of knowledge and action, starting from me!
We deeply understand that the care between people is also mutual. We will offer our love to everyone who needs care and help.
Star people accumulate every love, let her gather into the ocean of love, inspire everyone's good thoughts, and encourage everyone to protect the beautiful environment! To create a clean and orderly public environment, to build a harmonious society to make our contribution!

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